About us is Zinzino's official partner in Georgia, whose goal is to promote and improve healthy living and long-term health in Georgia.

Zinzino was founded in 2005 with a mission to improve people's health and well-being through science-based nutritional products. Zinzino is popular among children, adults and the elderly. It is also very popular in the sports industry, because it significantly improves the activity of athletes. It is a favorite product of many athletes, and is the brand ambassador of many famous athletes and teams.

The company's most popular product is BalanceOil, a nutritional supplement designed to balance omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the body. More than a million tests have shown that 97% of the world's population is out of balance and needs an Omega 3 supplement. This balance is important for body functions such as: memory, cardiovascular function, immunity and general cell health.

Over the following years, Zinzino expanded its product line and created many health-enhancing products, and Zinzino's doctor-recommended so-called "Health Protocol" which includes three main products: 1. BalanceOil - the best source of Omega 3. 2. Xtend - a preventive dose of those necessary vitamins that are difficult to get with food in everyday life. 3. ZinoBiotic - the highest quality dietary fiber, aka cellulose, which is essential to maintain and improve the health of our microbiome.

Since 2015, Zinzino has been listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm First North stock exchange. This move allowed the company to get capital for further expansion and development, which has made the company present in more than 60 countries.

Zinzino has received numerous awards and recognitions for its products and business model. These include awards for product quality, innovation, growth in the health and wellness industry.

Zinzino BalanceOil is considered one of the best omega-3 supplements on the market due to its unique combination of high-quality ingredients, advanced technology and scientific research, one of the clear examples of which is the fact that Zinzino BalanceOil's formula is patented.

There are several important reasons why Zinzino BalanceOil is considered one of the best supplements.

High-quality ingredients: Zinzino BalanceOil is made with a unique blend of high-quality fish oil and cold-pressed, organic olive oil that ensures purity and high quality. The fish oil used in BalanceOil is tested for purity and quality and meets the highest standards.
Advanced Technology: Zinzino uses a patented technology called "Zinzino Test" to measure the fatty acid balance in your body. This test provides personalized recommendations on how many grams of BalanceOil you should consume to maintain a healthy fatty acid balance.
Scientific Studies: Scientific studies have shown that BalanceOil can help improve heart health, brain function, immune function and overall well-being.
Easy to use: Zinzino BalanceOil is easy to use and can be added to food or taken as a supplement.
Positive Feedback: Zinzino BalanceOil is considered the best omega-3 supplement on the market due to its high-quality ingredients, advanced technology, scientific research, ease of use, and positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Zinzino BalanceOil has received positive feedback from thousands of satisfied users around the world, people who use BalanceOil report that their weakness has disappeared, they have increased energy, their brain functions better, their so-called depression has disappeared. They talk about brain fog and many other positive factors. For information, see the trusted

Zinzino also places great emphasis on sustainability and is an environmentally responsible company. The company has taken steps to reduce its environmental impact and ensure the sustainability of its operations.

Zinzino primarily uses a direct sales and/or referral system. Independent partners, known as Zinzino Partners, play an important role in the marketing and sales of the company's products. Any interested person who is ready to share the company's vision and contribute to the company's development with their recommendations can become a partner of the company. For more information on partnership, see the section "Become a partner" or contact us.